Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise

White Stripes De Stijl

I’ve been working on learning Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise of the De Stijl album by The White Stripes on my own.  It’s not a difficult song in terms of the cord progression.  It’s pretty straight forward:  Am -> G -> C -> D -> Am for the main part.  You can find the tabs online of course.  There are a couple versions, but this is the one I like best.  The opening riff is a bit tricky and you’ll need some quick fingers to get it properly.  I haven’t quite gotten the riff down, so I still need to work on it.

The thing I find most difficult isn’t the chord changes, it’s finding the rythym of the song when playing along with the lyrics. I’m still at the point where I need a pretty defined strumming pattern.  If the pattern is a bit off tempo it makes it a bit trickier.

Here’s a video with my rendition of the song.   BTW, it took me more than ten tries before getting a take that didn’t have constant mistakes.  I know it still has a lot of errors, but that’s what this blog is for;  to track my progress and let other see how someone else just learning is doing.  The guitar is a Gibson ES-175SP, no amp.

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  1. steve from syracuse says:

    Thanks for the follow on twitter and the inspiration. I’m 50 and always wanted to learn guitar. Bought a Yamaha acoustic. I been through two teachers. I learnd some. But really wanted to get into chords. I heard if you learned 3 chords you could play hundreds of songs. Anyways if i could play what you just did i would have a permenant boner. The opening to my fav. song by my fav. band Pink Floyds “Wish you were here” would be a rush. I’m not looking to rip chords like Angus Young from AC/DC (who i seen in buffalo with Bon Scott just before he died btw). Just a lil Neil Young, James Taylor, John Denver. Simple acoustic tunes. Take care and happy playin!

  2. Will says:

    Damn thats really good 🙂
    Im brand new to guitar myself, still can’t play anything like that!
    Keep up the good work bro.
    God Bless man!

  3. nevertoolateguitar says:

    Hey Will. Thanks for the comment. Glad someone thinks its good 🙂 I’m sure we’ll get there as long as we stick to it.

  4. nevertoolateguitar says:


    Thanks for the comment. Yeah, Wish You Were Here has a great opening. I can actually play that song (not well, but it’s recognizable) as long as I can remember the cord progression properly.

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