Gibson Les Paul Korina Goldtop 1957 Reissue – Pics

Gibson Les Paul Korina Goldtop 1957 Reissue

So, as requested in another post’s comment section, here are some more pics of my 2009 Gibson Custom Shop  Les Paul Korina 1957 Reissue.  I decided to take it to my studio since I thought it would look good against the aged hardwood floors.

If you live in or are willing to travel to the San Francisco Bay Area and you’re interested in having your guitar photographed leave a comment in the comment section and I will contact you via email.

For information on limited edition prints of these images, visit the guitar prints page.


I’m currently having a free giveaway for any of the available guitar prints. For more information visit:


Gibson Les Paul Korina Goldtop 1957 Reissue

Gibson Les Paul Korina Goldtop 1957 Reissue

Gibson Les Paul Korina Goldtop 1957 Reissue

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Body Front & Back

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Headstock Front & Back

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Korina Goldtop

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25 Responses to “Gibson Les Paul Korina Goldtop 1957 Reissue – Pics”



  1. wow. beautiful guitar beautifully portrayed.
    .-= alittleguitar´s last blog ..Guitar or Golf? =-.

  2. Jon says:

    I’ve never owned a Les Paul but if I did buy one this would be it! Beautiful.
    .-= Jon´s last blog ..Jim Dunlop’s building an online community =-.

  3. Ethan Prater says:

    Beautiful guitar, and very nice photos. How does it feel or sound compared to more conventional (maple?) Les Paul goldtops?

    • nevertoolateguitar says:

      When I bought it I tried a non-korina Sunburst LP side by side to see how the sound compared. If I’m 100% honest, I liked the mahogany Sunburst LP better… but when i say that I mean if the Sunburst were a 10, the Goldtop was a 9.5. The Sunburst had a more open sound while the Korina was a bit warmer. But, the Goldtop was just too damn good looking to pass up.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Doug Wendal says:

    Thanks for posting the pics!

  5. Effects Bay says:

    I tell ya.. that’s a sweet looking guitar! I’ve been eyeballing a Gold Top for a while. I had a Les Paul Studio a few years ago and sold it for no apparent reason. Which I’m regretting to this day. Been thinking a Gold Top with P-90s might be pretty sweet.

    Thanks for posting the pics!
    .-= Effects Bay´s last blog ..Raven RG200 Amp Review =-.

    • nevertoolateguitar says:

      I’d love to hear a Goldtop with P90’s. Never heard one.

      As far as selling my LP, not a chance. If I needed the money I’d live in the case before selling it!

  6. Sweet axe! And terrific photographic skills. Looks like something you could publish in a coffee table book.
    .-= Clinton Carnegie´s last blog ..My Top 10 List of Left-Handed Guitarists =-.

  7. Rane says:

    wow gorgeous! could never afford such a beauty, and if I could I’d have to get a new back! =)

  8. Don says:

    Stunning guitar man !!!!

  9. matte says:

    just bid on this on ebay. found your pics and i must ask if i’m being scammed.

  10. nevertoolateguitar says:

    I don’t know… I saw that as well. I contacted the guy pretending to be a buyer. I asked if they were the actual photos of the guitar he’s selling figuring if he says yes I know it’s a scam. But, he said no. He said he only had an iPhone and it would take crappy pictures so he didn’t want to use them.

    I then asked if he could send me some pictures of the actual guitar and he did (rather quickly). Obviously he could easily find some other pictures on the internet.

    I reported the listing quite a few times to eBay and they did nothing (which is rather disconcerting since I know other people reported it as a fraudulent listing as well)

    I was also suspicious of the fact that he only has positive reviews as a buyer not as a seller AND he doesn’t want you to pay via eBay. All in all I’d be a bit apprehensive as well. You may want to figure out a way to ensure it’s legit.

  11. My friend loves collecting guitars and I am so sure he likes this one.
    Anamarie Zach´s last blog post ..Male Fertility: Make your Sperm Count

  12. Anna Childs says:

    The guitars are really advanced.
    Anna Childs´s last blog post ..Sex and Herbs to Boost Man’s Libido

  13. Dan says:

    Not sure if this is being monitored anymore…

    If you ever sell this one, let me know (you have my email) Funny enough i recognize some of the names that have posted comments… guess the Korina Club is a small world.
    Dan´s last blog post ..Frustrating Sound

  14. Wonderful pics and wonderful guitar.
    How does it sounds?

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