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I’ve been looking for a good guitar teacher to being taking lessons.   I’m primarily interested in playing rock, rockabilly, blues, and jazz.  There are quite a few choices here in San Francisco, but I was able weed out quite a few based on their style.  I was leaning towards taking lessons from a jazz player because my assumption is they have a better foundation in music theory and fundamentals, which is important to me.  Not that “rock guitarists” don’t know music theory, but it seems like jazz players are more rooted in the fundamentals.  I feel like if I have a better understanding of the theory, it will make things easier down the road.  For some, grabbing some tabs and learning as you go is fine.  But I want a little more structure.

I decided on Bruno Pelletier-Bacquart, a local (via France) jazz guitarist.  Not only is he a great player, he has experience with instruction, which is extremely important.  It’s one thing to be a great guitarist and know everything there is to know about the guitar, and another thing all together to be able to teach it to someone else.  And believe me, he will need patience when teaching me.

Of course, the important thing will be if we work well together and his style of teaching fits my style of learning.  You can’t find that out until you’ve had a few sessions, so we’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Ulf Goran! That’s a name I’ve not thought about in years. I think I learned ‘Malaguena’ from watching his tv show.

    As to your point about jazz teachers knowing more theory, you would be right in the majority of cases. I once sat down with a jazz guitarist — not a teacher per se, but a really good player — and I was shocked to discover how little theory he actually knew and applied. With him it was all about chord tones and guide tone lines. He was also a walking encyclopedia of jazz licks.

    He said he treated jazz like folk music — not in the Bob Dylan sense — but as music for the enjoyment of people. He really set me thinking.
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