4 Amigos Guitar Show

4 Amigos Guitar Show

This weekend I’ll be checking out the 4 Amigos Guitar Show in San Rafael California. Hopefully I won’t buy another guitar (I think three for a beginner is more than enough).  However, I don’t have a solid body guitar and would love to have one. I know my two weak points will be a nice Gibson Les Paul or Fender Telecaster.

For those in Santa Monica/Los Angeles, the show will be arriving near you the following weekend.

Guitar Aficionado

Guitar Aficionado

I just discovered a new guitar magazine at the book store (it’s on the premier issue), Guitar Aficionado. Guitar Aficionado isn’t a typical guitar magazine like Guitar World. This magazine is more a lifestyle magazine who’s main hook is guitars and their collectors.In additional to articles on a collectors and their guitars you’ll see articles about high end watches, fashion and automobiles. You won’t find much in the way of music theory or tabs like you’ll see in other guitar magazines, at least in the premier issue. And that is fine with me. I love guitars, so getting a look into the collections of others is welcome… although it does make me envious.

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My Three Guitars


Rickenbacker 330


Gibson ES-175SP


Gretsch 5120



I added a new guitar to the collection, a Gibson Les Paul 1957 Goldtop Reissue:

2009 Gibson Les Paul Korina Custom Shop

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