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Guitar Print Giveaway Extension

Gibson ES-175SP

As you can see by the lack of posts recently, I’ve  been busy with real life (the blog has yet to become the Guitar media powerhouse allowing me to quit my day job… or buy a cup of coffee… just yet).  Unfortunately, this has also meant I haven’t been able to add more guitars to the Guitar Print Giveaway.  Because of this I’m going to extend the giveaway to November 2nd.  Between now and then I will definitely be adding more guitars for the print giveaway.


Guitar Lesson – October 9th, 2009

economy picking

Today’s lesson was mostly focused on my picking technique.  As I mentioned in a previous post, somewhere along the way I picked up the habit of economy picking.  Upon seeing this my instructor Kit had me stop doing scales all together.  In last weeks lesson he started me back on scales with the Pentatonic Scale.  With the Pentatonic Scale, there are only two notes per string, so you’re pretty much always alternate picking.


Experience Hendrix Abandons Jimi Hendrix Gibson Guitar?

Jimi Hendrix What

Since I seem to be posting so often about the Jimi Hendrix Gibson guitar debacle, I thought I’d post another quick update.  It appears that even Experience Hendrix have removed all mention of the guitar from their website.  Initially it had only been Gibson who seemed to be abandoning anything Jimi Hendrix related on their website.  Although, I couldn’t imagine why they would want to get rid of the Jimi Hendrix Piano, that was totally legit.


Guitar Lesson – October 2nd, 2009


Unfortunately I had a photo shoot run long yesterday, so I pretty much missed most of my lesson (don’t you hate it when the real world interrupts your leisure time). It was a hectic day and showing up 40 minutes late to 45 minute lesson wasn’t what I was planning on. Luckily Kit had a little extra time before his next student and I got a whopping fifteen minutes in.


The Beatles – Day Tripper

The Beatles Day Tripper

As I mentioned in my lesson post last Friday, my instructor gave me Day Tripper by The Beatles as my homework.  The song is pretty straight forward, nothing very difficult really.  I can play all the bits and pieces, but for some reason, I had the toughest time playing the song straight through without constant screw ups.  It took more takes than I’d like to admit to get what’s in the final video.


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