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Vox AC15CC vs Fender Blues Junior

Vox AC15CC Fender Blues Junior

When I was looking for an amplifier I knew my price range topped out at $600 and I knew I wanted a tube amp. After looking around a bit I narrowed my choice down to the Vox AC15CC and the Fender Blues Junior amps.

I needed to hear the amps, so I headed to a local Guitar Center to give them a listen.Since I’m a beginner I didn’t feel like I could really get a good idea of what the amps could do since I have a limited range of things I can play (that and I’d be too embarrassed to crank up the volume to get a good listen). So I asked one of the employees to play on the amps (and believe me, this guy could play. I had him playing Blues, Rockabilly and Jazz). As he played we tried out the spectrum of settings on each of the amps. I had him play a Strat and a Les Paul to get different sounding guitars in the mix as well.


First Jam Session

Allman Brothers

A friend of mine recently took up the bass, so we decided to get together and jam. I hate even using the word “jam” since it implies we knew what we were doing. After fiddling around for  about a half hour not exactly sure what to play she suggested Sunshine Of Your Love since she knew it and the guitar intro is pretty simple. However, even though the song is simple (the brief bit we played anyway), it took us more than a few tries before we both played it without mistakes.


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