Guitar Lesson – October 30th, 2009

Eric Clapton Les Paul

As I posted a while back, I was learning Eric Clapton’s version of Hideaway using a Lick Library lesson video. Of course I was doing this on my own so my technique was less than perfect. My instructor Kit is a stickler for technique, especially when it comes to picking. So, we set out for me to re-learn the parts of Hideaway I already know and then learn the rest of the song properly. And for anyone who’s learned something improperly and then needed to re-learn it properly, it’s not fun. My muscle memory is already set for my improper picking and fingering, so it’s going to be tricky re-learning the parts that I already know.

The big problem is my picking technique (as I posted about in my last lesson). I’ve always picked in a way that seemed most comfortable for the song. So, that may mean down down up down down up up which could mean up picks on down beats and down picks on up beats. Kit wants my picking to be consistent: down picks on down beats and up picks on up beats (unless I’m picking for effect: i.e. all up all down, etc).

I have a bit of a problem with changing the way people do things naturally. I think its possible to do something unconventionally and have it work perfectly for you. But, since I’m not exactly doing wonders with my unconventional ways, I’m going to work on it.

So, Kit transcribed the opening part of Hideaway and included the picking motion for each note.  I thought it was hard enough trying to figure out what to do with my left hand and now I have to think about my left hand AND my right hand.  In the few times I’ve practiced since the lesson, I’m already pretty frustrated.  But… no pain, no gain.

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