The Beatles – Day Tripper

The Beatles Day Tripper

As I mentioned in my lesson post last Friday, my instructor gave me Day Tripper by The Beatles as my homework.  The song is pretty straight forward, nothing very difficult really.  I can play all the bits and pieces, but for some reason, I had the toughest time playing the song straight through without constant screw ups.  It took more takes than I’d like to admit to get what’s in the final video.

There seems to be something about pushing the record button for these videos that makes me loose what little playing ability I have (and that is very little to begin with).  A song that I can get through without the video camera watching me is immediately botched as soon as I start recording.  Talk about folding under pressure (and I’m the only one in the room).

Anyway, here are the basics for Day Tripper:



The chord progression is: F#7 -> A7 -> G#7 -> C#7 -> B7

You can find the full tabs here.

Guitar: Rickenbacker 330
Amp: Vox AC15CC

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  1. Rick says:

    I have the same experience with the record button, and actually this song exactly. I can play all the bits, do a couple warmups until I think I’m ready, and then I mess up the main riff, or some riff/chorus transition, or butcher the solo. The video camera is a brutal audience.

    The final version sounds good tho – nice :).

  2. dirty steve says:

    Hi, nice job! You look a little tense tho, especially right hand. Must be a bit nervous in front of the cam, right?

  3. Kyle says:

    Sounds great, know what you mean about recording video though. I just started and it’s so much harder than it looks

  4. Mia Glover says:

    The video is really good. You are a good guitarist. My brother live to play guitar and he is looking for a guitar teacher.
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  5. Zenny Pia says:

    I think your a great guitarist. I love how you play. My dad really love Beatles.
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  6. Sylvia White says:

    My grandparents love Beatles.
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  7. Ellen Howell says:

    I love the video and my grandfather and grandmother love Beetles.
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