Gibson Jimi Hendrix Guitar Canceled?

Jimi Hendrix Guitar On Fire

Ok, this is strange, but all of the links to the Gibson Jimi Hendrix guitar have been removed from Gibson’s website.  Has Gibson come to their senses and pulled the plug on the guitar that seemed to be wildly hated across the internet?  Could my fake Fender Les Paul post have been what made them see how utterly ridiculous it was for them to be making the Jimi Hendrix strat?  (don’t worry, I’m not that delusional)

The links I had previously posted to were here and here.  Now they are gone.

Let me know if you find some new links to the Jimi Hendrix Fiasco Guitar.

Or, maybe Gibson just decided they needed to put more marketing dollars into the Jimi Hendrix Piano.  Yes, that’s right… the Jimi Hendrix PIANO.  Although, I did love it when Hendrix torched his piano at Monterey Pop!

UPDATE:  Turns out Gibson isn’t just releasing a Jimi Hendrix Piano.  Click here for more new Gibson Hendrix products.

UPDATE UPDATE:  Gibson ALSO took down the link to the Jimi Hendrix Piano.  They don’t seem to confident in their products lately.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE:  It looks like Experience Hendrix has now taken down all the information about the Gibson Jimi Hendrix Guitar.

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8 Responses to “Gibson Jimi Hendrix Guitar Canceled?”


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  1. brain21 says:

    I doubt it’s cancelled. They’ve already spent money on it, and bodies and neck have been made (look at one of the threads on for the pics). I wouldn’t be surprised if they took it down so that the backlash wouldn’t precede the release of the guitar and they would at least sell what they’ve started on. It’s still on the front page of (the banner that rotates images/ads), and it’s on their press releases page:,experience-hendrix-press-release-20090923.html

    • nevertoolateguitar says:

      That link no longer works and the Experience Hendrix website has no mention of the guitar.

      • brain21 says:

        Wow. Right you are. Experience Hendrix website even removed the announcements from their press releases section, as if this never happened (“These are not the retarded products that you are looking for…”) 🙂

        Well, Gibson has stock. I wonder how much. Are they going to finish the guitars and sell them to employees only, or rebrand them as something else, like those Kramer clones that they sold in the late 80’s, and sell them tot he general public?

  2. asdf says:

    nice, gibson is coming back to earth…

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