Guitar Lesson – August 28, 2009


A new feature I’m going to have here is a lesson recap every time I have a lesson with my instructor.  These my vary from every week to every two weeks depending on my schedule.  In these posts you’ll get to see  what I’m learning in my lessons.  For me, it will be a great re-cap and force me to get a grasp on what I just learned.  My lessons are on Thursday, so I’ll make these posts of Friday.

Yesterday we mostly covered the Jazz In F progression again (I posted about this earlier in the week).  This time my instructor had me playing the chords in a different position on the neck.  So far, with most of the lessons I’ve been playing bar chords lower down the neck.  I’m actually starting to know chord locations pretty quickly lower on the neck.  Yesterday, we were working with the same chords higher up the neck and I was getting pretty frustrated.  Since I don’t know the chord locations up the neck as well, it was taking me a while to find where I should be playing (and if you thought my playing was bad in the first video… well, lets just say that’s why there’s no video accompanying this post).  As frustrating as it was, it made me realize that I am actually learning the positions lower down the neck and any sign of progress is a good thing.

We also went over the arpeggios for the chords in the progression.  This is my first time with arpeggios, so don’t know any of them  and I’m not sure what to do with them.  We didn’t really get into the details since they were brought up at the end of the lesson, so next time I’ll get more of an idea of what they’re all about.  Above are the arpeggios for the Jazz Blues in F chord progression.  If someone out there want’s to give me an idea of what they’re for, I’ll have a head start on my lessons next week.

Speaking of next week, I have some good posts coming up.  Hopefully I’ll have a new song for my version of “music monday.”  I’ve been working on it all week but I still have a way to go before Monday.  I’m also going to be posting a full review of the Keeley Fuzz Head.  You can see my “quick review” here. And, sometime today I’ll be getting a box full of a variety of picks from Dunlop (who just opened up a new online store btw) and an MXR Vintage ’76 Dyna Comp compressor… so look for reviews of those coming soon as well.

But, what I’m really excited about is, I’m off to see It Might Get Loud in a little bit.  Should be a great movie.

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  1. Robert in Santa Rosa says:

    Something I don’t understand, why you have 2 positions of the same string held down at the same time in each of your chord diagrams. Like in your B7 both the 5th fret and the 8th fret of the G string is indicated.

    Thanks for the links to your instructors. It’s always good to read about their techiniques and approach.

    I’m still working out moving between various chord shapes fluently. Right now working on moving from Bm bar shape (bar on 2nd fret) to Dmaj then back to Bm using this finger picking pattern ->

    Looking forward to your lesson reviews!

    • nevertoolateguitar says:


      Those aren’t chord shapes, they are the arpeggios for the chords. The arpeggios are to be played individually like a scale. As I mention, he gave me the arpeggios at the end of the lesson so we didn’t really go over them… so I’m sure my next lesson will cover them in detail.


  2. Velvet Crime says:

    Nice post man .. really like your blog .. gonna start reading more often ..


    Velvet Crime

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