Keeley Fuzz Head – Quick Review

Fuzz Head

As I posted last week, I went out and tested a EHX Big Muff Pie and a Analogman Sunface NKT 275. The one fuzz box I wanted to try but didn’t because nobody had one available locally was the Keeley Fuzz Head. When I was listening to samples of fuzz boxes, the Keeley was actually my favorite out of them all. But obviously you can’t tell anything about how somethings really going to sound off of a YouTube video. Even trying them out in the store only gives you a little idea of how it will work for you. It’s not until you get things home and use it with your gear that you’ll really know how you’ll like it.

So, having said that, I did something that goes against that philosophy… I went ahead and bought the Keeley Fuzz Head untested. I found a deal online for a used but great condition Fuzz Head that I couldn’t pass up. I figured if I don’t like it I could probably re-sell it for the more than I got it for. Also, between the Big Muff Pi and the Sunface, I liked the Sunface better and I didn’t really want to spend $200+ which is what they’re going for used (with all the options I would want).

Well so far I can tell you that I love the Keeley Fuzz Head. It has the rich warm sound I liked in the Analogman Sunface when on the germanium circuit and when you switch the germanium/silicon switch to silicon you get a more overdriven sound that the Big Muff Pi had. So, you get the best of both.

I haven’t had time to play with it much, so I’m not going to do a full review just yet. But for now, here’s a little clip with a “with/without” comparrison using my Rickenbacker 330… which doesn’t produce a lot of distortion on it’s own. Check back for a full review next week.

Guitar: Rickenbacker 330
Amp: Vox AC15CC
Effects: Keeley Fuzz Head

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  1. The Keeley Fuzz Head sounds pretty great. I’m looking forward to your full review.
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  2. Hanna Ross says:

    You made a good review. Thanks for the wonderful explanation.
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