EHX Big Muff Pi vs Analogman Sun Face NKT 275

Big Muff Pi vs SunFace

After Effects Bay’s post yesterday I wrote about being inspired to check out the EHX Big Muff Pie fuzz box.  Well, today I went down to Haight Ashbury Music Center to give it a try along with an Analogman Sun Face NKT 275.  I did some research last night on various fuzz effects and after hours of watching YouTube videos, I narrowed my selection down to the EHX Big Muff Pie w/ Wicker switch, the Analogman Sun Face NKT 275, and the Keeley Fuzz Head.  The only one I couldn’t test today was the Keeley Fuzz Head as they were out of stock.

Below is a the comparison between the EHX Big Muff Pi with the wicker switch and an Analogman Sun Face NKT 275 with sundial.  I tried to get a setting on both that produced as close of a sound as possible.  Luckily the shop had basically the same guitar and amp that I have.  The guitar being used was a 1957 Reissue Gibson Les Paul Goldtop and the amp was a Vox AC15CC.

**Review disclaimer: I am not an expert, these are just my opinions of what I experienced when testing the gear.  Feel free to chime in if you think I’m a moron.**

The Big Muff Pie had the volume set at 12 O’clock, tone at about 9 O’clock, sustain at about 10 O’clock and the tone and wicker switches on.  The Sun Face had the volume switch at about 1 O’clock and the gain control at about 10 O’clock.  With the settings as they were the Les Paul’s volume was all the way to 10 for the Sun Face while it was only on 3 for the Big Muff Pi and they were outputting about the same decibel levels.  When using the Sun Face, if the volume on the guitar went below 7, there was virtually no difference in the sound compared to the bypass signal.  However, with the Big Muff Pie I had to bring the guitar down to 3 to get the same sound and it just got crunchier from there as you turned the volume up.

What that means to me, is if you want to be able to control how much fuzz you get via your guitar volume and even get all the way down to no-fuzz then you’ll like the Sun Face.  But if you’re looking for an always-on fuzz that you can lower (but not get rid of) and raise via the guitar volume then you’ll like the Big Muff Pi.

The Big Muff Pie, definitely produced more sustain than the Sun Face.  But the overall sound quality of the Sun Face was more pleasing to me.  It had a nice warm bluesy feel while the Big Muff Pi screeched a little more.  You could get the Big Muff Pi to a warm sound, but it was never quite as pleasant as the Sun Face.  I think the Big Muff Pie will give you a wider range of sounds overall, but if you’re looking for that one great fat fuzz sound then the Sun Face is the winner.

This demo was done in a guitar shop, and as you know there is always someone blaring on a guitar somewhere in the shop.  This time was no different.  To my left was someone trying out some bongos and to my right was a future member of Pantera trying out an amp.  I think the Tascam GT-R1 that I used to record the audio did a pretty good job of keep the other sounds out (but you can hear the background noise if you listen closely)

Normal disclaimer:  Forgive the playing, I’m just starting out so I don’t have the riff arsenal that most have.  Someday I’ll be able to remove the disclaimer.

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    A review and comparison video of the EHX Big Muff Pie and the Analogman Sun Face fuzz units.

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