1973 Big Muff Pi


Over on Effects Bay they’re talking about the Big Muff Pi (I can’t wait to see the kind of google visitors I get for having those keywords on my site. I’m not sure if it will be people interested in porn or fanatics of the number 3.14159265)

I don’t have any effects in my setup yet. I’ve been focused on trying to get a sound I like straight from my guitars and amp. I wanted to get familiar with the nuances of each guitar before throwing effects into the mix. But after seeing the video he posted comparing the different versions of Big Muff Pi through the years, I think I might have to dive in and get one.

In the video you can clearly hear the difference between the models of the same effect unit over the years. My favorite by far was the 1973 model. It had the warmest bluesy sound without a metal screech. The 1976 model sounded good too, but the ’73 unit really blew me away. The one I didn’t like much was the Little Big Muff. It sounded a bit shrill compared to the others (it did have that metal screech if that’s what you’re after).

Of course, this is all based on a YouTube video, so in person the results may be different.

I guess I need to start watching ebay for a vintage Big Muff Pi from 1973. Anybody got one?

What are your favorite effects? Do you prefer vintage or newer?

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  1. wingedgopher says:

    I have one of the reissues. I plan on modding it eventually, but it sounds pretty nice already.

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  2. jabenaki says:

    I like your blog.
    I’ve been noodling around with guitar since I was a kid (in the mid-seventies). Never been very disciplined about playing…until very recently.
    I consider my ability to be not much past beginner level. I play a kind of garage blues psych noise improv.
    I like messing with cheap guitars to make them sound really good. Lately I’ve been teaching myself electronics & acoustics, etc. Nuts about guitar, etc.
    I remember the Big Muff Pi from back in the day. If I had to choose four effects, it would be a contender.
    Modern digital multi effect units can sound canned. Often difficult or impossible to repair, too.
    I prefer vintage if only because little boxes with little circuits inside are easier to deal with when something goes wrong. It’s not necessary to spend $$$ on vintage gear, just find or build stuff with ‘vintage’ circuitry.
    I’m currently using a 1990 ProCo Rat & a ’90s Alesis Microverb II.
    …I like the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay and the Boss Loop Station.
    OK there’s my four…
    You might want to consider some kind of compressor given your preference for hollow and semi hollow body geetars.
    .-= jabenaki´s last blog ..(Untitled) =-.

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