Rittenhouse Guitars

Rittenhouse Guitars

I found out about the Rittenhouse Guitar contest a little too late. I actually found out about the contest the day after it ended. Oh well, I still wanted to post about Rittenhouse Guitars because I really like their looks.

I guess the big thing now days is relic guitars. I thought they looked pretty cool for the most part but figured I’d never actually buy one.

I even thought they were a bit “poserish.”  For one thing, each guitar is “relicd” in the exact same way. But when I found out about Rittenhouse Guitars I changed my mind. They look amazing and each guitar has a custom finish. And, I think they do a far better job than the Fender’s I’ve seen, although that’s only based on pictures with the Rittnehouse guitars since I’ve never seen one in person.

The other day I posted about looking at Fender Telecasters.  Well, a Rittenhouse Telecaster would be a welcome addition to my collection, that is for sure.  And I do find it funny that an actual vintage guitar in “distressed” condition is going to be worth less.  But, a new guitar that’s been pre-maturely distressed is going to cost more.

On a side note, as a photographer, I really appreciate the photography on their website. The photos of their guitars look great. It’s not the typical photography found on most companies websites. The photography has a classic feel that fits perfectly with their guitars.

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