First Jam Session

Allman Brothers

A friend of mine recently took up the bass, so we decided to get together and jam. I hate even using the word “jam” since it implies we knew what we were doing. After fiddling around for  about a half hour not exactly sure what to play she suggested Sunshine Of Your Love since she knew it and the guitar intro is pretty simple. However, even though the song is simple (the brief bit we played anyway), it took us more than a few tries before we both played it without mistakes.

This was my first time playing with someone else and it was pretty fun. This time we were pretty unorganized and didn’t really have a plan

Going forward we’ll have a better idea of what we want to do. Since we’re both just starting out on our respective instruments we can’t expect to have a smooth jam session where we’re each improvising against each other. So, next time we’re going to pick a few songs to practice before hand so when we get together we’ll have something to play.

And now, here is a clip of our rendition of Sunshine Of Your Love. I know it’s not much and as dorky as it seems, we were pretty excited when we got it right.

Guitar: Gibson ES-175SP
Amp: Vox AC15CC

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  1. Kevin Ibsen says:

    Rock on, dudes and dudettes!

  2. Cory Scanlon says:

    Your friend looks mighty fine!!! Is that Mariska Hargitay?

  3. It’s such an exciting time to be learning new skills. Thanks for the easy encouragement, can’t wait to see the results…..
    lessons for babyboomers

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