Guitar Aficionado

Guitar Aficionado

I just discovered a new guitar magazine at the book store (it’s on the premier issue), Guitar Aficionado. Guitar Aficionado isn’t a typical guitar magazine like Guitar World. This magazine is more a lifestyle magazine who’s main hook is guitars and their collectors.In additional to articles on a collectors and their guitars you’ll see articles about high end watches, fashion and automobiles. You won’t find much in the way of music theory or tabs like you’ll see in other guitar magazines, at least in the premier issue. And that is fine with me. I love guitars, so getting a look into the collections of others is welcome… although it does make me envious.

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Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise

White Stripes De Stijl

I’ve been working on learning Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise of the De Stijl album by The White Stripes on my own.  It’s not a difficult song in terms of the cord progression.  It’s pretty straight forward:  Am -> G -> C -> D -> Am for the main part.  You can find the tabs online of course.  There are a couple versions, but this is the one I like best.  The opening riff is a bit tricky and you’ll need some quick fingers to get it properly.  I haven’t quite gotten the riff down, so I still need to work on it.

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Stars & Their Guitars

I watched a cool documentary last night called “Stars & Their Guitars.”  It’s a great look at the history of the guitar and the guitarists who play them.  The focus was on Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker and Gretsch.  The documentary wasn’t just about the guitars, there was a lot of great insight into playing buy some impressive players as well.  Check it out if you haven’t already.

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Finding An Instructor

guitar teacher

I’ve been looking for a good guitar teacher to being taking lessons.   I’m primarily interested in playing rock, rockabilly, blues, and jazz.  There are quite a few choices here in San Francisco, but I was able weed out quite a few based on their style.  I was leaning towards taking lessons from a jazz player because my assumption is they have a better foundation in music theory and fundamentals, which is important to me.  Not that “rock guitarists” don’t know music theory, but it seems like jazz players are more rooted in the fundamentals.  I feel like if I have a better understanding of the theory, it will make things easier down the road.  For some, grabbing some tabs and learning as you go is fine.  But I want a little more structure.

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My Three Guitars


Rickenbacker 330


Gibson ES-175SP


Gretsch 5120



I added a new guitar to the collection, a Gibson Les Paul 1957 Goldtop Reissue:

2009 Gibson Les Paul Korina Custom Shop

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