Pignose 7-100 Amplifier Review

Pignose 7-100

Ever since I first saw Crossroads when I was a kid, I thought the Pignose 7-100 amplifier was pretty cool and wanted one (along with a Fender Telecaster).  I’m not sure why I never bought one since they aren’t exactly cost prohibitive.  When I first tried to learn guitar when I was younger we didn’t have the internet (wow, I just felt really old saying that) so it wasn’t like I could go on ebay to find one.  My gear selection was limited to the three guitar shops in town and none of them had the Pignose.  Well here I am (many) years later and taking up the guitar again and the Pignose 7-100 popped back into my mind and I picked one up.

The amp is pretty crunchy right off the bat.  If I have the volume on the guitar turned down with the Pignose volume all the way up I can get a somewhat clean sound, but not at very high volume.  And by somewhat clean, I mean not all that clean.  Once you start inching the guitar volume up it gets crunchier and crunchier.

If you go full volume on the Pignose and full volume on the guitar then the sound starts getting pretty ugly (at least with my Les Paul w/ humbuckers).  But, it’s also very loud and I doubt this would be how you want to use this amp anyway.   The Pignose does have a bit of a muffled sound, but I like it.

I found this cool article about vintage Pignose amps.  I tried to find some vintage Pignose amps on Ebay but there were none being sold.  I wouldn’t mind picking one up and comparing it to the modern Pignose.

What do you think of the Pignose 7-100?  Have one?  Love it?  Hate it?

Here’s a quick video of me (really badly) dicking around with the Pignose (sorry for the lame sill frame the entire time too).

Guitar: Gibson Les Paul Goldtop ’57 Reissue
Amp: Pignose 7-100

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  1. Robert says:

    Last year, I went to one of the Zone Music (in Cotati) musician’s flea markets hoping to come across a Pignose all tube amp as I had been reading quite a bit about them on the net. Low and behold… the very first table that i came to , there was a Pignose G40V. This is the amp that was designed by an engineer that worked at Ampeg, and the circutry was (is) very similar to the Fender Bassman using 2 6L6GCs for the output tubes. This paticular piggy was already upgraded by the previous owner whom had swapped out the original ceramic speaker for a alnico mojotone speaker and had also swapped out all 3 of the original 12AX7s. I have no idea what the original sounded like, but this thing rips! I really like a clean sound, so I ralely ever have the gain past 1 (of 10) and the master vol past 3. I also picked up a cheap Boss ME6 off ebay so that I can run some different effects through it.
    I love this amp and maybe one day I can play good enough to crank it 🙂 One of the great things about this amp is that it has output jacks to the speaker, so that you can actually use it as a head through just about any cabinet you desire.
    BTW… Zone is having another one of those flea markets (last one of the year) on Oct 17th.

    Robert in Santa Rosa

  2. That is a sweet looking thing!

  3. Helen Terims says:

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  6. MrKal says:

    Love the Piggie!
    That’s not an opinion; that’s an order!

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